If I was a well versed writer or of great wit I could ensure that you would enjoy what follows, that's not going to happen. I apologize for my run on sentences and often poorly written descriptions. 

I've always documented my existence through pictures and a well maintained collection of cheap leather photo albums. Now as an adult I have turned a hobby into a profession and turned many of my clients photos into cherished memories. 

This blog is to help me grow as a photographer and person, and in that order as well. I'm consistently learning new things about photography and every day figuring out myself a little more. I hope to share some valuable insights and thoughts with everyone and or entertain you with mishaps or fortunes. 

So now that I'm reading this back to myself all I hear is a crummy foreword by a lesser known person of interest. This is the beginning of my blog, hopefully the content will outweigh grammar and vocabulary.