The best job.

      So as far as i'm concerned one of the best jobs out there is being a photographer.  The harder you work, the more money you make. The more efficient you are, the more money you make. The more creative you are and better at social media you are, the more money you make.  I get to go out there ad do creative things, a dozen times a year or so I get to spend people's happiest day of their lives with them. I will say that having tons of new electronics and toys is a big plus too.

      Right now i'm sick, I have a bad cold and i'm sitting at a Starbucks. I pick Starbucks over a photo studio or my house because i'm essentially paying to be here. I have to make my time count here, I have to do the work. So i'm trying to finish up some edits on my website and engagement photos and wedding photos as well as a few posts on Facebook.  I shot an Arabic wedding last weekend and then six hours later woke up and did a two hour engagement session and then worked my day job for twelve hours or so. It's all very worth it. 

      During my course of edits on my website I realized that I didn't have a blog on my website, well thats not completely correct. I had a blog on my website but it was all very old and I didn't want to share it. I want to keep things fresh on my website, I want new clients and old clients to see only new content on here. So here it is, unpolished and real, expect bad grammar and punctuation.