The cold.

It's cold and I want to take photos still.


Typically most of my shoots are done outside, in the elements; rain, shine or calamity.  Now that fall is passing and winter on the edge I have to consider where I will shoot. I have lots of new toys, lights and lens galore. Studio work is easy but costs none the less. 

I do plan on finding some space this winter but I also plan on personal projects a lot for the coming cold months. One thing that I don't mention or bring up as often as I like is that I do photography for myself first, second the client. When I shoot a wedding it's images that I think are beautiful and secondly my client will think are beautiful. I trust that part of the reason they hire me is because of my portfolio and my vision. I do wedding photography for the love of it and also the money that affords me to buy lens and gear to further my art.

This winter I want to be very creative even if it's in the cold, I will not go on hiatus nor hibernate through what should be an admirable winter season. You have been put on notice by my declaration today which at least ten people or may read.