Why wedding photography.

So wedding photography is the bane of photography, according to some of my photographer friends. No so, it's an olympic challenge of sorts. You have one day to get everything captured and to put on a wonderful show. You are the bride and groom's cheerleader for the day whether you know it or not. You're going to be the one telling them how awesome they look or how good the food was as well as how to cut the cake or pinning a boutonniere.

     I will also mention that you get to spend the day with two people having one of the best, most memorable days they will ever have. I can't remember a wedding that i've shot where I haven't laughed or gotten a tear from someones speech.  There's also the kids that you get to know and hang with at the wedding, they're the best. By the end of the wedding sometimes i'm getting hugs from them which always surprises me. Kids hug if they like you and you forget that if you're not around them normally.

     There's also the whole thing of being a technical mastermind and artist for an entire day, two families depending on you for documenting everything. You're going to run into lighting issues and logistical problems but at the end of the day if you kept your head on a swivel and had lots of memory cards and batteries then you probably did pretty damn good. All my past English teachers are rolling over in their grave at that run on sentence. :)