Who you spend the day with.

So when you choose your wedding vendors you're pretty excited. You have an awesome hair and make-up team coming, the flowers look amazing and the dj's going to be amazing because he was at another wedding you went to. Now think of how long you spend with each of these people on your wedding day. Oh yea, I forgot about the wedding photographer; think about how long you'll be spending with them.

     So if you have an awesome wedding photographer who is going to shadow you the entire day and get everything from start to finish then you have to think about how well they mesh with you. It doesn't matter if they take amazing work or they shoot 30 weddings a year, if you can't stand them after the first hour or so then it's too late already.

     So when you pick out your wedding photographer make sure that it's someone who you'll enjoy for the day as well as their ability to take amazing photos.  Typically I don't do the 3-4 hour wedding photography, I do the 8-10 hour wedding photography. It's always worth it to hang for an extra couple hours to make sure you capture everything possible. I do the same when I meet with brides and grooms, I have a short amount of time to figure out if we're both going to click (yes, a pun). If i have a bride that is grumpy before we've even taken a photo then I know what i'm in store for come her wedding day.