Europe - Airport and on my way

So I'm at Logan International Airport right now. I'm tired from running around and getting everything situated and ready for my trip. I have that groggy, might be on the verge of a cold feeling. I happen to get sick before, during any trip I ever take. I don't know if by saying this out loud is some sort of willing it upon myself, but it happens regardless. I get excited, I get anxious, I get sick. 


     So far I've had some Chinese food, replaced my watch band and discovered that good internet wifi costs you $7.95. I'm currently making a time lapse of the tarmac and about to crack open a new magazine.   The next leg of my journey is to JFK International Airport in NJ and then onwards to Rome, Italy. I'm sure i'll have plenty of photos soon enough to start posting, but most likely not in the airport. It's not that I'm shy, it's just my bag is really packed and hard to zip up.


Stay tuned.