Is this a sign?

So first off, here's the ad.   But really i'll take $450 for it. I have another toy in mind for this winter. 

My craigslist ad.

I've had this lens for sale for maybe three months. No real bites on it, not even the scammers. It's kind of disappointing. 

     I bought this lens with money from a wedding several years ago. I shot a wedding ceremony on a hill in Worcester and I only worked for two hours to buy this lens.  I have taken it to thirteen different countries and found it to be pretty amazing.

     So this lens is a super telephoto lens, meaning a really big zoom. The best part about this lens is capturing different framing of subjects,  I also love capturing sunsets, buildings and generally far away subjects. So here is the best part of this lens... capturing photos of people in their natural environment. The Sigma 150-500 will keep the distance away where people are just unaware of you. 

     I became a pro at stalking people in Europe, following them around in various cities. It sounds creepier than it really is. Here's how it goes, you find an interesting looking person or situation and basically subtly put yourself in an amazing position to capture a truly candid photo. Most of what I do though is walking a bit slower than the average person. Blending in and slowly stopping and focusing on something with a similar distance while keeping a loose eye on what i'll really be shooting is the next objective. Doorways, alleyways and sometimes just leaning up against a tree all work. 

     So what i'm trying to figure out now is if I should really sell this lens. I have had it on craigslist and offerup for three months now, no bites. I'm wondering if this is the universe saying just keep it. The natural upgrade for this lens for me would be the Canon 200-400 f4, go ahead and look it up. It's crazy money but that's just an investment for me. I'm thinking in the next three years I would like to own that lens. 

     So maybe this blog is the tipping point for the lens, maybe not. Here's a few photos i've taken with it.