The worst best man's speech

So I was recently told this story by a groom and wanted to retell it here. I loved it and I hope this happens at one my wedding. 

This all started with a best mans speech.  The best man got up and he looks over at the bride and groom and then back to friends and family.

"I'm really happy for Rob and Sarah, it's great that Sarah can start this new chapter in her life, in her relationship. So this is for all of you guys out there, she is off the market, she's not that type of girl anymore. We know she has somewhat of a past, but she's not that type of girl anymore. So you really have to understand this, no more calling, texting her. This is a new chapter in her life. So no more visiting her apartment, late night rendezvous.  You gotta just leave her alone now. So i'm going to have to ask everyone to bring up their keys to her apartment."

(puts out a bowl)

Everyone just filing up and putting keys in the bowl with a little old man being the final person putting his key in the bowl.  

(The best man had handed out keys to all the guys prior to the reception)