Procrastinating is when I do my best work.

So i'm pacing around my apartment right now. I'm leaving for Hawaii in a few days and I have multiple deadlines to hit and also three meetings in the next three days which will all require follow up work. I put on a fireplace tv app on my Apple TV to help me focus and hear myself think. It's an optimal environment to finish up the work I have to do tonight. While pacing around I have my Polar seltzer and decide I need a salty snack. It hits me that i'm procrastinating even in these ideal work conditions which i've set up for myself.

     I tell myself "Sit down and focus", a phrase that was repeated to me very often in elementary school and high school. It never did help though, the phrase, a mantra, I just couldn't focus. I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as a kid and took pills off and on again into college years and beyond. You may not believe it's a real thing, I know people out there can fake having this or just say that famous phrase of "I have ADD". But it really does exist and it sucks. My cleanliness at home is thanks in part to it because I am soo good at procrastinating that I have to take away ways to procrastinate from work. I will stop what i'm doing to clean, so if I keep my place clean I can't rationalize stopping work for that. But I find other ways. Stay with me, this blog has a quick point which you'll enjoy.

     What I'm trying to relate to everyone is that we're always moving forward even when we procrastinate. Sometimes my procrastination's have led me to meet new brides and grooms or to just find a deficit that I should be correcting in another area. I always felt bad as a kid when I couldn't sit down and focus and that just came back to me a few minutes ago. What I told myself to sit down and focus it just brought me back to elementary school and high school when I had my parents or teachers telling me that I need to focus. Pacing around my apartment theres a fireplace on my TV and it may feel like a wasted moment I guess but it was allowing me to work things out in my head as far as priority goes. When I think back to elementary school in high school all of my grades were predictable. I would not do any work in the beginning of the semesters and at the end when I was threatened with failure I would rise to the challenge and pass that semester and with high enough grade to bring up my failing grades from the previous semesters. I don't really do this much in life now, I don't do a crappy job in then make up for it later but what I do well is work under pressure. I found that working under pressure really helps me focus.

     So when I say I get all my best work done when procrastinating I really do mean it. It just may not be the work that I was working on.

     I hope you enjoyed this, this phrase just really brought everything back from me and I felt like I should write about it. As a kid with ADD I was always told to sit down and focus now as an adult I am pacing around my apartment but finding many different outlets to conquer. We're always moving forward even if it isn't on the specific tasks that you've started.