Europe - Barcelona for the day.

So i'm preemptively starting this blog to tell about my day.

So far i've woken up and decided yes, I want to leave the hostel and walk around.

My bunk mates are from France, China and Omaha Nebraska and we had fun conversations before bed, for some it was their first time in Europe. 

     So today it's a bit cloudy which is nice because it gets hot here and quick. I'm thinking about trying the bus system or just doing a lot of walking today. I don't know if i'll get to go swimming, I think I would rather a more relaxed beach scene than they have to offer. I hope that was the correct than,then? 

     I started the day by walking next door to the hostel to rent a bicycle for the entire day.  After the lengthy contract process to borrow a $100 dollar bicycle I ventured off. I set up a mount for my iPhone so I could make a time lapse video, it worked and then failed. The mount for the iPhone felt a little too loose and then upon tightening it I was able to, with my super human strength pull the mount off. I checked directions on my Iphone so that I could head to the beach, I want to get some shots of all the people there. After a few hours and getting very close I gave up. I'll look up the directions tonight, it's very easy to get turned around on some of the side streets. 

     The traffic in this city is composed of bicycles, human traffic, scooters, car and truck and motorcycle. Everyone follows the walk, don't walk signs and all traffic.  The city is consistently swept and cleaned and cleared of dead leaves and trash from what I could tell daily. 

     So I took a shower when I got back to my hostel today and then headed out with the Sigma 150-500. My aim for today was to get some really stunning photos of the people of Barcelona and some of the sights. I couldn't be happier with what I got. This lens is amazing for street photography. So with street photography it's best not to be seen I believe so that you can maintain those moments of spontaneity between people. I set up all my shots, crossed streets, hid, pretended to be shooting past people and at other things. When I had the subject completely unaware that's when I would strike. I cannot wait to show everyone my photos from today. I plan on doing this style of shooting even more when I hit Paris in a day or so. I do need to find a lighter, smaller bag to travel with while on bike or foot.

     Now i'm back at the hostel and i've decided to call it a night. Just some snacks from the vending machine and maybe a soda before bed. Last night I was the first person in the room to come home and go to bed which meant I was the first to get woken up and the first to wake up in the morning. I have to return the bicycle I rented by 10am tomorrow morning. Going to try and take the Canon EOS M and a bike ride around the city when I wake up. I'm all ready packed up for the most part, can't open all my stuff around everyone at the hostel and pack properly. While i'm writing this there is a table of hot German girls talking and drinking. 

     So now I am going to finish working on my photos and present them at the bottom of the page. That part will be added in post though, for now you will have to just read.