Government Center closing for 2 years

So on March 21st I believe we visited Government Center to get some final photos. My friends Michael Stepien, Stacey Hellzaboppin, Tommy Haran came with me on this trip. We shot all around the city and one of our final stops being here. We found ceiling tiles missing, spray paint marking the walls and floors where construction was to take place.   

     While we were taking photos we had a MBTA worker stop us and ask us for our photo permit and why we were taking photos and what it was for. We informed him that it's a public space and that we are allowed to take photos. The MBTA worker said "not since 9/11 you can't take photos". The MBTA worker then asked for our permit again and said that he could get someone down here to help verify our information. We were also told that we were in restricted areas (we had one foot on the yellow tred area), keep in mind that around 8 people had their foot on the yellow safety tred at this time.  While he got more forceful and louder and started arguing with my friends I calmly looked up the MBTA photography policy via the MBTA Website. I then proceeded to aim the phone towards him and read aloud their own policy, after that he left,   

     We moved to a different area and documented a bit more.  Win for photography.