New Years Resolutions


So everywhere on social media i've seen everyone putting down 2016. I can't sympathize with that in the least bit. Personally it's been an amazing year for me. I've traveled to twenty two states, shot lots of weddings and ate a lot of amazing meals with friends.  I'm not going to list everything good that's happened to me this year, that would be a little self serving. What I wanted to get at with this post is the silver lining that accompanies any difficulty you've had this year.

     So i'll be speaking from my own personal experience of course and not hypothesizing scenarios. I always try to look at everything in a positive way. It never serves me well to dwell on mistakes, misfortunes or any negativity. Have you ever felt great when recounting a mistake or error? Most of us will say no, but what if you think about it and then just move on or think of it in a different way.  Okay i'm going to run through some things that happened to me.

     I left my job to do full time wedding photography, a month later I totaled my car, pretty crappy right. So the positive of this is I get to get a new car but have to pay for it. This was an amazing opportunity to have a visual representation or landmark of a new start in my career.  I'm not focusing on higher insurance or a car payment at all. I know i'm going to have a surcharge and it was a huge hassle to have to get a rental and also search for a car. How I looked at this is I have an early reward for leaving my job and all my future success. I always just assume the success is coming and it usually does by the way.

      I also think of all the times i've gotten hooked up with jobs, gigs, shoots or a freebie of equipment or gotten to see something that's typically forbidden (abandoned buildings). I consider the possibility of having to pay for these and usually it all evens out. Okay to simply what I mean, imagine someone gifting you an amazing winter coat just at the beginning of the winter; now imagine that two weeks later you get a random bill you weren't expecting in the mail for a hundred dollars. So let's say that you can reimagine the bill to be fifty dollars and maybe you paid fifty dollars for that coat or maybe the coat was hundred dollars and you don't have that bill. Basically I like to resort the bad with good in my head and even things out, it makes it easier sometimes and I hope I explained that properly and don't sound like a crazy person.

     So for me 2017 is exciting. I have weddings and I have adventures already lined up for the new year. I said above that I really just assume everything will work out for me and it usually does. My business relies on chance and hard work. I put in the hard work of marketing myself and posting content and through chance someone mentions me, messages me and hires me. Some of it's luck and some of it's me putting in the work. If things don't work out I can always get an adult job (that's what my friends and I call any job that isn't a job where you make your own hours). This job feels like a dream, like i'm getting away with murder being able to make my own hours and do whatever I want. 

     I guess every year whether it's the beginning, middle or end i'm working on myself and my business.  I have some great ideas on what I want to do with my wedding business and i'm also working on getting a bit more fit. I won't make any proclamations or declarations or pretend to know the difference. I find that setting goals is too stagnant or concrete, my goals are evolving every day and I always have a new focus or path. I think that's the same for everyone. It also doesn't feel good to fail at anything and setting a goal and having anyone point out a failure or just knowing that you failed can really suck. I'm going to the gym a lot lately and I really want to try and keep that up but in reality i'll probably get busy with another aspect of my life and it will get shelved. I'm okay with that though, i'm okay with flip flopping. 

     Anyways I just wanted to write a bit and go over my 2017 New Year's resolutions as not really having any. Just going to keep doing my thing and getting better wherever I can.