Paying it forward.

     So most everyone should know this phrase. The phrase is actually the title of a book which later became a movie and Kevin Spacey is bad ass.

     Basically doing good for the sake of doing good and an inventible chain reaction of niceness  ensues.    So this also happens with photographers as well, we pay it forward. Most of us (photographers) don't just pick up a camera and learn everything by ourselves. There are teachers for every one of us. When I say teacher, it could be someone who's uploaded some of their own photos online, made a book of techniques, wrote a blog on some aspect of photography or showed someone how to fix their camera settings.

     Most of my friends who are photographers have taken time out of their lives to meet up with someone, go on adventures and generally teach someone a few new things. I of course do the same. Sometime's it's helping someone build a photography website, fix photos, fix setting and general advice on different aspects of photography. 

    So if you're out there, if you're a photographer; pay it forward.  Teaching someone about photography is opening a door to so much more in life. (Okay, you can make fun of me for that last sentence)


A little photo of myself.