The Holy Donut - Portland, Maine

This post is not so much about words and more about photos. Delicious donut photos are favored in this blog post. Feel free to share. If you are Holy Donuts and are seeing this post then know that I will gladly travel your way and do more proper photos. :)

I recently hiked Mount Katahdin in Maine. It's a long drive which that being said correlates to the fact that I would need lots of energy to focus for the drive. I made a pit stop in Portland upon the advice of friends over the years telling me of a religious experience.

The Holy Donut has two locations in Portland, the one I visited being the closer to 295 (A twenty minute shortcut along 95). I had the Maple Bacon donut and a glazed lemon, I was hooked. On my way back from my hiking trip three days later I stopped in again and bought one of everything.


Being a photographer I wanted to share beautiful photos of these donuts. They were in my car for a few hours in boxes which resulted in less than pristine condition of toppings and shape. These donuts or doughnuts (depending on where you're from) need no more words to describe how amazing they taste. Enjoy the photos. 

I'm not going to try and name any of the donuts. Some look similar and I also haven't had the chance to try every single of them personally. Feel free to comment and leave me feedback on which donut flavors you may know personally.