How do we make our album?


So here’s how the album process goes in the simplest terms. You select your photos, let me know a mailing address, I design your album and drop ship it to you. The following is complete album instructions for my brides and grooms.

Visit the link that I originally sent you and select your favorite thirty to forty photos. You album starts off as a twenty page ten by ten album unless of course you’ve upgraded to a larger album which means more photos and pages. The album is a black leatherette lay-flat album which means no bowing where the pages meet in the middle. If you are receiving parent albums they are typically eight by eight and also include twenty pages with thirty to forty images. All albums have thick and rigid pages. This is not the same quality as an album you might pick up at Wal- Mart, Shutterfly or local gas station (I hope you liked that I grouped them altogether).

Use the heart icon ♥ in the image gallery to denote an image as your favorite. Click on the heart icon at any point

during the selection process either before or during to create separate favorites list. Once the additional favorites list have been created you will be prompted to select which list you want to add your photo to each time you make a selection. If you have parent albums you can name them as such “Jill’s parents” or “Jack’s parents” and “Main album”. You can cater your parents albums to them, more of you and your original family and your album more for yourselves.

The goal of the photos selected is to tell the best story of your wedding day, the top one percent of the photos that you’re in love with. You can add additional pages for eight dollars a page but that has to been increments of two because it’s a sheet you’re adding to the book. You can add additional photos but the more photos that are added the smaller they end up unless you add additional pages. I suggest telling the story of the day from start to finish, some getting ready photos, details, ceremony, a few formals, some dancing photos and end with a kiss.

Once you have selected your photos I download a list of your selections and start building your album. I design the album in chronological order with the more epic photos placed more prominently. There is no draft or review process of the album design for the brides and grooms. I’ve found this leads to an almost endless back and forth of placement and explanations and reasonings. Here’s the big win though with this process, you select your photos and I design and order your album. Most brides & grooms receive their albums within a month of selection, not months.

You can also add a crystal (glass) cover for an additional twenty five dollars which adds a nice little weight to the album. When you choose this option you will have the option of selecting a cover image to sit underneath the glass.

If you’re interested in upgrading your ten by ten album to a twelve by sixteen then it’s an additional two hundred dollars. If upgrading to this format then that will include fifty pages total which brings your photo count up to a hundred photos.

There are options for other colors for your albums but to simplify things I start off with just black. In the rare case that you select a color and the color was off on your computer you won’t receive a teal or pink wedding album. I also don’t include any writing on the album because of the price of the albums. If there is a misspelling then It could lead to loss of three or four hundred dollars. Quick example to help illustrate this. I had a bride who’s name was Christina, every communication with her I wrote her name as such, in the contract, her wedding gallery name and e- mails. I sent out her album and flash drive and that’s when I was corrected that she spelled her name Cristina.

In the event that you want to purchase additional albums you may do so at any point. Parent albums by themselves are a hundred dollars each. A ten by ten album is two hundred dollars and an upgraded twelve by sixteen album is four hundred dollars. A six by six brag book is fifty dollars. All albums can have a crystal cover or additional pages added, up to fifty pages in total for the maximum.

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