This isn't your typical package. This is focused entirely on the bride and groom who are looking for a more boutique level of service. We're doing things a bit different by having a team of photographers working non stop throughout the day to complete a wedding before the honeymoon has even begun.


Why hire a photographer for your wedding when you can hire a team. Typically a photographer or two can cover a wedding from multiple angles and viewpoints. But that still leaves you with waiting to see all these beautiful photos. This is where our team of editors come into play.

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So throughout the day two photographers capture all the details. All those special moments and memories put in a bottle for you to see later. During the course of the day we have two editors who are working on your wedding photos and sharing select photos to our social media and also sending you the best of to your phone a few times during the day. 


So the focus of Next Day Weddings is no more waiting for photos. We work hard to get your photos to you in time for viewing on your honeymoon. We also wouldn't want you to be posting any low quality cell phone photos when you can have the real thing right at your fingertips.