A few questions and feedback so that I may only get better. Feel free to leave your name if you would like. There is a check box at the end if you would like to be contacted. This survey is simply a tool so that I can improve upon any areas that need attention. My goal is to make sure every bride, groom is happy after their wedding. 

Name *
This option is if you feel like you have a problem that you haven't communicated and would like to talk with me about.
For any questions that don't apply please select Neutral.
Initial meeting was comfortable
Communication throughout was good
Contract easy to understand
Price was reasonable
Package was tailored to what you like
Package contained everything you wanted
Deposit was reasonable
Engagement shoot was pleasurable
Easy to use system for downloading photos
Picture quality of engagement photos
Quality of engagement brag book was good
Wedding day with photographer was acceptable
Friendliness of photographer
Photographer's appearance was acceptable
Do you feel photographer went above and beyond
Do you feel photographer missed any moments
Do you feel like photographer covered all aspects of wedding
Would you recommend unitymike wedding photography
Would you use photographer again for future shoots
Was the quality of photo album acceptable
Was the quality of flash drive acceptable
The photos didn't take a long time to receive
Please include anything you might want me to know that you feel could have been better. You can also include what you feel went very well additionally. Please be brutally honest. I really would love this information.