I do not endorse breaking & entering anywhere. You are subject to the laws of that county and state when you do so. You can injure yourself and others and putting yourself in dangerous situations with decayed buildings and the people or animals which may now inhabit them.  You can also run into the owners or caretakers of these properties and be will most likely be treated as a trespasser. 

     Locations are never a good idea to share.  I do not share them because it is dangerous going to these places. Most of these places are not miles into the woods or on the coast somewhere, they are places that were part of a town or city and are usually hundreds of feet away from civilization. There is soft floors, fatigued metal, asbestos and a dozen ways to get hurt in any building you may enter. There is commonly slanted floors, ceiling tiles which have all fallen which sometimes cover holes in the floor. Small drips in the ceiling eventually rot thru an entire room's floors. Wire's hang down as well as metal and boards. Broken glass and cracked tile as well as animal feces cover the ground. Leftover furniture that's been orchestrated into an obstacle course is a common sight at these abandoned properties. 

      Documenting these places, to record them before they are taken over by nature or by local demolition companies is a noble cause. You should never break anything to enter a locations and you should always leave if asked to.  Nothing should ever be removed or altered. You can usually find complete stocks of food, furniture, lights or building maintenance items in these buildings as well as paperwork from doctors or personal items, these are not your property. The only thing you should take is photos.  Most of these buildings are past hospitals, mental institutes or property damaged by fire.  

      I would never want to be the cause of someone getting hurt at one of these locations, so please don't go. There is plenty of photos to see these locations on the internet. Every time you go you risk getting arrested, car towed and impounded, injured and also you'll be hours away from home. 

With that being said, here's some photos.