Canon Professional Services

So i've invested a little bit of money this past year in my infrastructure, one of those being Canon Professional Services.

I've belonged to Canon Professional Services for a few years but relying on the free or basic service. Mostly it's been nice to keep adding gear and watching my points go up. This year I upgraded to platinum which comes with a lot of benefits.  So you need to be an employee of a photography business or have your own and have at least fifty points in your CPS account. You get points by the amount of gear you own. So if you own a Canon Rebel with an 18-55 lens and a third party flash you're probably not going to cut it. Own a 5D mkIII with a 50mm 1.8, you're getting warmer. Basically you  have to be committed to photography and Canon to belong. If you have a basic rebel and kit lens and drop it, just buy a new one.  I have seven L lenses and two bodies and three flashes so I'm well above the mark for getting in.  So when you join for the low fee of $300 you get the following:

  • New Member Welcome Kit: Welcome Letter, Exclusive CPS Platinum Gift, CPS Member Card, 2 CPS Pro Straps, 2 Rear Lens Caps, and 2 Camera Body Caps (contents subject to change) 

I received a Thinktank Laptop bag which has been really useful and the extra lens caps and body caps have been nice to stash away fro a rainy day. I don't really have any use for the two CPS Pro straps (You're welcome to buy them from me). I have Black Rapid and Spider holsters.

  • Priority access (over Gold members) to Equipment Evaluation Loans (Try Before You Buy Program)*

I fell in love with the Canon 200mm f2. Thanks Canon for enabling me!

Dropped my 580ex II & 5d MKIII. Had it fixed before the following weekend's wedding. It was a damn good excuse to buy the Canon 600RT. The repair actually got back to me faster than the new lens, but regardless my accident enabled me to buy new toys.

I have plans to ship out some lenses with a tiny bit of dust in them.

I still have to find out more about this.

  • Complimentary Product Maintenance Service**** on up to 10 Pieces per membership term

I will be shipping out some of my gear very soon before the wedding season starts! You could spend around $15 plus $40-60 for a cleaning for a single piece of equipment, why not get a bargain on this and sign up!

  • Onsite event and show support, as listed on the events calendar
  • 24/7 CPS Support Hotline (domestic and international)*****
  • Discounted admission to select Canon Live Learning seminars and workshops

Anyways it's a good deal and you should give it a try. If you're a professional and want to know that someone is in your corner backing you up in the event of an emergency then this is the program for you.

This is also a good program for you to get to know lenses better. Sure you can watch Youtube (DigitalRev has some of the best reviews in my opinion) or you can read reviews on FredMiranda. But signing up for CPS and getting to use those lenses for a week and then paying the $15 to mail it back to Canon is even better. I've "evaluated" four lenses so far. One of those being the canon 200-400 f4. It was amazing and the looks you get from everyone is even better, priceless. 



So my first lens rental from CPS was the Canon 200mm f2. I figured what better way to showcase this beast than putting it on the Canon EOS M3. Let me tell you, it was amazing. The image was creamy in the bokeh and tack sharp. I was able to shoot handheld in NYC at ISO 200 at night.  (Photo Below)