Choosing me.

So this is the pitch, where I tell you how amazing I am at wedding photography. I am amazing at wedding photography. So now that you're sold on the idea of me as your wedding photographer I'll tell you a bit more. 

     So what I do as a wedding photographer is pretty simple for the most part, I show up and take photos. I go home, process the photos and later on you receive these beautiful photos.  This is as much as you should think about the process.  I want to be the easiest vendor that you work with on your wedding day.

       What I want to focus on as a wedding photographer is keeping things simple and clean on my end and yours. No pointless meetings, everything is done through a contract, contact form and a single meeting.  Post wedding you receive photo books and flash drives. I do offer printing services but never any pressure on that front. At the end of the day I know that the internet does exist and some people prefer to order their own prints through different distributors.  

    My goal is to provide an amazing experience for the bride, groom, family and friends. I'm there to document everything that you saw and of course the things that slipped by unnoticed.  It's a long day and I want to make sure you can see everything that happened on one of the happiest days of your lives. 

      One of the main things that I see in wedding photography is the charges for the extras such as books, prints and the infamous canvas as well as an extra hour or two. What I'm focused on is the deal I would want to find myself in a wedding photographer, an affordable package and a fair and honest photographer.

     I want to be the person who gives you that amazing photo that gets hung up on the wall for the next 60 years.  I don't want to be that person that sold you the ridiculously expensive photo album or print, that's just not my style

     I would much rather have a referral for another wedding and a positive review than an extra few dollars.  I'm in this business to make people happy as well as produce breath taking images.  The important thing to me is that you get exactly what you deserve, images that reflect your day.

     I've been shooting wedding photography since 2007 and I now shoot three dozen weddings or more a year. I shoot everything from food photography and portraits to commercial work. I like to consider myself a professional photographer as well as an artist, expressing art through my work. My style and technique has evolved over the years and my equipment is always getting better. I'm only getting more and more excited about future weddings and the chance to provide such an amazing service. 

This is what I do pure and simple. I shoot weddings. 


A walk-through of your wedding experience with me.

       When I talk with any bride or groom, I always insist that we sit down and go over everything. We meet locally and I get to hear all about your wedding and your ideas. We see if we're both a good fit for each other. I send you a basic contract and contact form and we go from there. 

     Your engagement shoot is booked somewhat on the fly with a simple phone call, text message or e-mail. I only need a few days notice to a weeks notice to shoot. The engagement shoot can be anywhere from your backyard to downtown Boston or the Cape or mountains in New Hampshire. The engagement shoot is the chance for you to see me in action as well as get some amazing photos and a custom 6x6 lay flat album affectionately referred to as a brag book. The engagement photos are usually received within a week or two and the album a few weeks after that.

      The week of the wedding I will get in contact with you by e-mail or text message with a link to my wedding worksheet which let's me know all the fine details of your wedding day. Once I have this information I give you a call and we chat about your wedding and find out anything that didn't fit into the form I sent. This is just a five minute call to run through your day quickly.

      On your wedding day, I show up for the entire day and document everything possible. The day goes by very fast - you'll forget that your uncle Harry was there, or that the twins were wearing horrible matching outfits! I start when you start, capturing you getting ready: hair, make-up, dress and tux. I capture all the memories from your most cherished day

      For the ceremony I will bring an additional photographer who captures extra angles and views where I can't be present. A second photographer means plenty of photos to tell your wedding day story. Post-ceremony I take the bride, groom, wedding party and select family members aside for traditional formal photos. After formals are complete, we move on to the most memorable photos that you'll ever hang on your wall, just the bride and groom. before you head into the reception you will most certainly get a small break and then it's off to be introduced to your guests at the reception. From there on I capture every aspect of the reception party, photos of all your guests and any events that happen such as cake cutting, dances, bouquet tosses. 

        The day after the wedding you can expect to choose a few photos to share with everyone on your favorite social media site.I always like to give a dozen photos or so because I know I couldn't stand waiting myself.  I go through all of the photos and remove any sub-par photos and then edit the rest. Within the month you'll get a flash drive of your photos. Most wedding clients end up with seven hundred or more photos.  I don't set any limits of what I return and I never see any reason to hold your wedding memories hostage. If the photo comes out great, then you should have it! Wedding album is whenever you finish selecting your favorites from the online gallery which you are initially presented with prior to receiving flash drive. 



DISCLAIMER: The price of my wedding package isn't $4000 that's it, take it or leave it! Instead of negotiating my price slowly upwards I just let you slowly negotiate it downwards. If you're not interested in a wedding album we take it out of the package, money saved. If a second photographer doesn't make any sense because you only have a hundred and fifty people coming then we take that out too.  Not interested in the Photo Booth, we take that out of the package. Having the ceremony and reception in one place, well that sounds easier to me so we take a little bit extra off. If you say you're on a budget and you start telling me about your wedding and the venue then I'm going to take that into account when we come up with a price. The goal is to be fair to you and also myself when it comes to pricing. When it all comes down to it i'm not looking for an extra few hundred dollars. What i'm looking for is to make you really happy and to brag about me by showing off your photos to everyone which leads to more weddings. 


Professional photographer for entire day  

  • Coverage ranging from hair & make-up, ceremony, reception and everything in-between.

  • Detailed photos of everything that you've planned for the past year.

  • Posed journalistic & traditional wedding photography.

Second professional photographer during ceremony & reception.

  • Hand picked second photographer to cover candids and other angles

  • Artistic freedom for main photographer to create the vision you've imagined.

  • Second photographer also can visit separate locations during wedding prep.

Engagement session & Brag book

  • Two hour session on location.

  • Customized and individualized experience for each wedding couple.

  • Engagement photos can be used for save the dates.

  • Brag book is a small photo book for you to show off your photos.

 flash drive containing the digital negatives.

  • Custom wooden flash drive with matching box.

  • 600+ photos total, typically much more.

  • Welcome to the future, did you expect a .9 cent CD of your images.

  • Share on social media 

10x10 hand-made lay flat photo book & two accompanying parent albums

  • Beautiful hand made photo books that will stand the test of time.

  • Designed and created for you to tell the story of your wedding.

  • Varying options available to customize your album (charges may apply)

  • Two duplicate (parent albums) Christmas gifts for next year.

Snap N Flash photo booth

  • The ultimate in high tech photo booths.

  • Prints for everyone in every session.

  • Best souvenir for your wedding guests!

  • Entertainment for guests throughout the reception.

  • Three hour session comes standard. Book is extra

  • Sleek & Elegant

Online gallery 

  • Every photo from your wedding in an online gallery.

  • Order prints with a simple click.

  • Family & friends are able to order their own prints or download their favorites.

  • Shareable on social media via link.

  • Viewable for 2 months once photos go live.


Why I offer one package.

     Over the years of shooting weddings i've noticed that many wedding photographers have three tiers of wedding packages. One package is the basic offering very little, the middle package is usually where you are steered and the luxury or gold package is usually a bit too high. The a la cart package is also designed to steer you back into a package which you may only like eighty percent of to begin with. You also may want to take one part from the middle package and add it to your basic package but also take a few things out of the basic package which leads into negotiating the price which is never fun. 

     I want to offer the most cover-all wedding package that would fit with any client. People are often focused on the time and making sure they will have enough coverage for their wedding day. I didn't think it was fair to nickel and dime people when it comes to staying for more time during their wedding day. I chose to offer a full day with me instead of a set amount of hours. This way you don't have to pick out the most important parts of your wedding day for me to come. There will also be no awkward conversation during reception that my time is up and i'm going to leave unless you want to pay me more. I want to focus on capturing amazing images, not when i'm done for the day. 

     The next thing that I took notice of was some of my past clients look at how many photos they will be getting.  I receive no benefit from holding your photos hostage. I want to make sure you receive whatever photos came out good.  I want to make you happy and want you to brag about how amazing I was as your wedding photographer. I don't set any standard amount of photos I return because some weddings just end up with a little more for a few reasons; longer day, more guests, unique location. I also don't know who is important to you in your family or which aunt and uncle you haven't seen in a decade. I'm only increasing my chances of you being over the moon when you see all the photos. 

     The second photographer is also a concern. Will we get enough photos if we only have one photographer?  A second photographer offers coverage if you and your hubby are getting ready at separate locations. Having another photographer also means that they are able to cover more vantage points during your ceremony.

  The engagement session is something that people sometimes think they don't need. This photo session isn't just about getting a few photos, this is about getting to know your photographer. The engagement session is also a great chance to get used to some poses and working with your photographer. The better we sync up, the easier the photos will go and the quicker I can create family heirlooms for you.  

     The photo album that I offer are done so because I want you to have something tangible with the package. I always insist that the bride and groom book with an album because it often gets back burnered, put off, someday we'll do it sort of situation. While we all share photos on social media, e-mail and your phones background, there is nothing equivalent to a nice large shiny album.  You select the images you want and I design the album and have it shipped directly to your home.

     I also offer an online gallery where you can share, download or order prints. Here's an actual wedding I shot so you can see a wedding from start to finish and also what the gallery looks like.  This is so you are not the guardian of your wedding photos when it comes to sending Aunt Harriet & Uncle Bill those funny photos of themselves or a copy of your posed photos post ceremony. At any reception I am covering you and all of your guests which means they always have photos to look forward to. The online gallery is sectioned off into a few parts depending on how your day unwraps (getting ready, ceremony, formals, reception). 

     My goal is to give an amazing experience to each bride and groom from start to finish. I really love photography and you can see that through my Instagram account. I especially love wedding photography and would love to shoot your wedding. Shoot me a message if you have any questions and have a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening. 



Dates available for 2019. Accepting 2020 & 2021 bookings as well.