It's not a Trump hat!


Okay, I recently got some new gear. That's what i'm going to call it I guess, gear. Just so you know, it's expensive, FUBU expensive. These shirts, hats are not H&M prices.

     Okay, so let's get where we're going. I happen to wear a red hat all the time, well almost all the time. When it's spring, summer or anywhere where it's hot out i'm not wearing a red winter hat. Which you may think of as my luxury items which are not readily available to the great public. Recently I wanted to rock a red hat when it was spring, summer or generally hot out, I couldn't; too hot. I decided I need a summer version of my hat and soon.

     So while I was in Hawaii I wandered into a LIDS, which for those of you not in the know, it's a hat store. Quick side not, I was wearing a Worcester "Fuck Yeah" T-Shirt from Worcester Wares, the person who actually designed the outdoor mall where we were happened to notice my shirt. This architecture guru or designing genius has actually designed the Greendale Mall and the Solomon Pond mall as well as dozens of other malls, anyways... small world.

     So back to the story,  I checked out some red hats, black hats and ended up getting both. So now i'm going to crap on LIDS for a second. This chain wanted the price of the hat, plus fifty dollars to create a DST or EMB file (embroidery file) and then twelve dollars to put my logo on a hat. So for a single hat it would be a little north of eighty dollars. So I decided to curt the system a bit and have the embroidery file made elsewhere. This is where I want to praise I was able to have my logo made back into a vector file, it's been awhile so why not sharpen that up. I lost my original logo file and have been working off a lesser quality version. So once that file was nice and sharp I found someone on Fiverr that would create this embroidery file for the high cost of five dollars. At this point i'm home on the mainland in Massachusetts. I made my way to the Auburn Mall to meet with the embroidery artists who are experts at putting a hat on a machine and hitting a button. This is literally what they do. So now i'll throw some praise back at LIDS. The first three hats that I brought them got destroyed while attempting my logo. A quote of around an hour turned into two hours and then turned into me swinging back later in the day to find no progress made. This doesn't sound like much praise yet, i'm getting there. So the next day I show up around eleven thirty or so and there is all three of my hats with varying degrees of mis-stiching. The kid working there assured me that the machine was now fixed and he just walked into this, I did not doubt him in the least. So again I was quoted around twenty minutes per hat and thirty minutes later I realize that they do not understand estimates.

     Okay, praise time. My hats came out awesome, they did start from scratch for the new hats. They hats fit good, they look good with one exception. The exception is it's similar to Donald Trump's hat, Make America Great Again. Okay, two things; America was never not great and secondly I've been rocking a red hat longer. I am not a trump supporter at all, so much not a support in fact that when I type out trump and it doesn't auto correct the capitalization of his name.. I don't even go back and fix it. So two second rant, watch the news, watch his press conferences, watch what he's doing in office. I want him to do good and stand up and do the job, but I doubt that's going to happen. 

     So i've had too many people comment on the fact that it looks like a Trump hat and I guess i'll have to get over that little aspect of my hat. I like it because it's a strong looking hat. I know it will eventually get dirty and crappy and i'll have to stop wearing it, but until that day comes.