Word of mouth marketing

     So powerful is word of mouth marketing. Now, that's not to say that I wouldn't love to have billboards and TV ad's and radio marketing. It's just that it can be an unknown when investing in different types of advertising. I could spend $2000 on advertisements in a wedding magazine or put my ad on a placemat in a local restaurant.   The problem is I don't know if thats the route for me yet. 

     Right now I spend a few hours setting up automated posts for my Facebook and some paid ads on Facebook. The total cost is usually $10 a month at most. In the past 3 weeks i've successfully booked 6 weddings! All of this has been from referrals and friends of friends seeing this in their news feeds. I've gotten this many weddings at roughly no cost to myself but my time.  Most of my weddings also come from friends, family and people I meet along the way. 

     I do have my friends who pay to have advertisements and marketing campaigns and kudos to them. I just can't swing a few thousand dollars on a hunch or some data. For now I will stick with the tried to true of word of mouth and Facebook.

     There's no better advertisement than a friend or someone you know saying to someone else "you gotta talk to my friend Mike, he's an amazing photographer"