I was recently invited to attend and shoot a military ball out in Honolulu Hawaii with my friend Shawn Pacheco. I didn't know much initially about these balls, this epic events encompassing many different units. To do my due diligence I looked up military ball in Google in the image section, nothing too note worthy, let's look at formal military ball photos; nothing? So after a bit of digging I did find proper formal photos taken at military balls but still it was lacking any real depth.

     So when I planned out my equipment to tag along with me I was able to bring some really amazing gear which in turn made everyone look awesome. I asked a million questions of my contact and was able to put together a better packaging plan than was typically offered at this events. I've included some samples of my work and also a break down of my services for this type of event. Please contact me for further information on pricing and booking.


Typically you might pay anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars for a single photo, we think there's a better way.. It's a wonderful gift to give for mom and dad and maybe your significant other or family and friends so why nickle and time someone who's serving your country. There's always of course package upgrades and additions which sweeten the pot of the photographer and that's always been the norm when it comes to shooting event... back in the eighties and nineties, what if we changed all this just slightly.

     So instead of paying per photo and hoping that someone follows up with us to order a photo we make the photos free to download. This allows every service man or woman to download the photo and print it on their own elsewhere or directly through my website. It's not just a single photo either, typically there is three to five photos of each person or couples.  Instead of charging each solider a flat rate we work out a fee for shooting the event entirely with either the committee or person planning the ball. Each event is different and we really do work with the planners to find a price that matches exactly what you need.



Personal touch

This shouldn't be a simple walk up and take your photo style line for getting a snapshot of a memorable event like this, so why treat it like one? We believe in taking a few moments to work with everyone from the couples to the service man or woman who has no idea how to pose or has never had a formal photo taken. It really is easy to say hi to someone and work with them for a minute or so to get a photo that they'll be proud of. We're going to give everyone that comes up to us for photos our time so that get it right. We're always happy to show you how the photo came out right there on the spot. The main goal is for you to walk away excited at how the photo came out.

     We also offer the ability to circle back through at any point and get more photos. In addition to having a photographer shoot formals we also have an additional photographer who shoots speeches and any performances that may happen. We also offer cinematography with any package. This means you can look back at these balls in an enjoyably cut film. Any photos that show someone in a less than respectable state are removed as well as any photos that the person may not deem as flattering.  


     So to help keep everything moving during the shooting process we have cards where you can find your event's photos. The photos will be typically sorted as speakers/events and then formal photos. When you click on the formal photos you will be privy to fellow troop's photos and work your way through to yours. All of the photos are sorted by time as well.

     With the gallery you are able to do four things. First off you can download your photo, a high resolution image. The next is sharing directly to social media without even having to download your photos. The ability to order prints directly from the website is also available but we leave that option up to you. You are also able to make a list of favorites to download multiple photos at once or order these all as prints. The galleries also have the ability to be password protected. 


We can provide many different backdrops for these photos but we honestly think a grey and white specked backdrop makes the best background. This helps draw and focus attention more of the main subject of the photo, the service man or woman. A table with information cards as well.

     No forms or information taken either during the shooting process, all we need is a smile and you to grab a card before you head off. We require enough room to fit a ten by twenty four foot backdrop and also enough room for lights around that area. We however can work in smaller spaces if required. Setup for this event is usually within a half hour or so. Bookings must be made anywhere from six months to a year out to guarantee a booking date.