Like them or hate them head shots are great for a number of reasons. They are typically used for social media from Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ to more personal items such as business cards and company identification cards as well as e-mail signatures.

     A good headshot lets you know the person you’re dealing with.  Making interactions more so with a person and less with a name in an e-mail.  Another benefit of having a headshot done is the fact that you can use this photo across many different platforms making it easier for people to find you.  The more connected you are across platforms the better the chance is that you may talk top these people in real life. "Hey I saw you on LinkedIn and I like what you wrote on your blog there". 

     So with any headshot the standard is simple. Blemishes are fine, facial reconstruction is not. That means elongating a neck or removing all wrinkles or bringing someones ears to a point aren’t going to happen. The blemishes can be anything from a pimple to scratches and scrapes. A headshot is an honest representation of that person, no crown of flowers instagram filters.  

     What makes a good headshot is more to do with you than it is me. I’m going to set up lights and make sure that everything is good on my end. My goal is to make sure there is flattering light and additional a backdrop that doesn’t distract or stand out. I’m going to talk to you a bit and pose you so that the lighting looks great and you have good posture. The rest is up to you though. I can’t contort your face or know that you only like photos of you smiling ear to ear or you don’t like smiling at all in a photo. I always suggest that my clients practice a few of their smiles and serious faces in a mirror so that they can be prepared for then it’s time for their photos to be taken.

     The goal of a head shot for me is to end up three photos. I say three because it gives you options for different platforms where you may use the headshots. The first photo will be smiling with teeth, this shows that you’re a happy person. The second is smiling without teeth to also show that you’re a happy person or easy to deal with. The third photo is a serious face or focused look, this shows that you’re a professional or focused professional.