BirchTree Bread Company

This past Saturday myself and my girlfriend decided to make our way to this new bakery in Worcester. Located on Green Street in Worcester right across from SmokeStack BBQ is an old Worcester factory building with many hidden gems, BirchTree Bread Company to be specific.

      We entered the building and immediately started exploring.  We ended up browsing in a curiosity shop downstairs called Crompton Collective which deserves it's own fan fare, it's amazing. It's collection of local's curated antiques and home made goods make wandering a delight. After pressing onward we made our way through a farmers market which is located in the basement and also know as The White Room. The farmers market had lots of fresh produce and familiar faces. Next we made our way back through Crompton Collective, up the stairs to BirchTree Bread Company.

     As you are walking down the hall to the entrance to BirchTree you can feel and hear every intentional footstep as can everyone else. This building is ancient and repurposed, bright and clean; other local businesses occupy most spaces in this spacious location. We enter BirchTree and are delighted to see this modern meets rustic look for a brand new brand. We stand in line for a few minutes and end up running into various friends who are also here to check out this new hotspot. 

     We slowly pass the cases with cheese and other goodies, I make note of future cheese purchases. The menu is a few feet into my stay in the line. The menu is written out in white chalk on a green chalk board.  So the main thing to understand is they have a limited menu, that's not a bad thing. With a limited menu that means they can concentrate on the things they do well, an awesome soup of the day, a sandwich special, breads, cookies and coffee drinks as well as rolls and loafs.  This also means that you have the chance to try everything on this menu before it is added to. 

     I ordered all the cookies, cranberry white chocolate, turbinado sugar, peperes adeladies. Don't ask me specifically what all that means, what you need to know is it's delicious.  I ordered a hot chocolate and two variations of toast, the seeded rye with a cranberry orange cream cheese and a coriander raisin with peanut butter and banana and toasted wheat germ. The portions were generous and the price affordable. Before heading out for seating I spot a large country jug filled with ice water, I turn the spout and quickly fill a mason jar up with what may be filtered or delicious Worcester water into it.  We sit at the bar at the end of the copper counter while we waited for our brunch, the line doubles at this point; when will the madness stop.  

     Looking around the room you can see lots of room for future tables, furniture and innovations. A coffee table is surrounded by four large benches in the center of the room, tables line the window as other various seating is placed accordingly.   One of the owners is hustling around the kitchen doing odds and ends while this new well oiled machines dances through orders.  I sit and spend my time while I wait taking photos of the food. My name is called and our food is brought right over to us, I spend at least another ten minutes taking photos.  After I put away my camera gear and dig into the food I am instantly satisfied. The food here is fresh, delicious and worth any small wait that you may encounter.  

     I highly suggest you visit this local bakery and push into the frame of a Worcester landmark.

Go and add them on Facebook and see what they're up to. BirchTree Bread Company.