The unseen unheard photographer

This message is for you photographers who are going to say "I don't do it that way".       

     These photographers are also the same people who say I only shoot natural light. That's the equivalent of saying "oh.. I only drive automatic cars" or "I only put the camera on auto because of how good it is and I want to just focus on the moment". The photographer you hire is going to rock in soo many ways and one of them is being able to shoot manual and also use lights (that's a blog for a different day). This is for those who decide to not give the bride and groom that full experience. This particular blog is about you and your ability to direct and fix things so that they are in the bride and groom's favor. If you are one of these photographers who doesn't interact then you are lazy.  Some of you photographers are awesome and can justify this shooting style, but the majority of you are not that.

      So some of the photographers out there are saying in their head "I only shoot candid and I don't move anything and I'm not going to pose you and I only do journalistic style and try not to interact with the bridal party at all". You are dumb. So now that I've insulted you let's continue from there.  This is a one shot deal, one go at the photos, one photo to rule them all. Do you want to be boring and take the same old shots or to look at each wedding as a marathon of photos that push you past where you were. Sure, take photos of where everything is if you want, don't touch anything or don't pose people, don't say anything to that person who has their tie crooked or the tag hanging out of the armpit of a dress. But then take those damn photos, be a person and interact with everyone. I assure you that ten, twenty years down the line they will appreciate some really tasteful images from their wedding. No one wants a photo of a pair of shoes in a box or their wedding dress hanging up in your brothers old room because that's where they had the space or the flowers in the fridge. 

     I shoot candids and that doesn't mean I can't add a little bit of pizaz to that photo "hey can you do that again but this time look that way".  Okay so you're still not won over maybe, you're still thinking they hired me to just shoot the one way I do and I should just be quiet and take the easy photos.  Are you the one shooting the weddings all the time or them? The bride and groom want amazing photos and they really aren't going to be upset if you adjust a few things to make sure that happens. 

     If you hire a wedding photographer they should be able to rock your wedding, you should know they're there at some points. I'm not talking about being four feet away during the ceremony, that's a different animal altogether. You want them to be the one getting everyone in line for formals or telling your Uncle Jerry that he needs to get out of the way. Your professional photographer is going to point out the flask of whiskey in the groomsmen's pocket. Your wedding photographer is also your personal cheerleader and that random guy who can and most likely will run an errand for you or do something above and beyond just because they are awesome.

     I know some of you out there are saying but I'm out of the way and I do awesome. That may be so but eventually you will have that bride that calls you out and says "why didn't you tell me I had makeup on my teeth" or "Tim's zipper was down the whole time". So interact and earn that sweet wedding paycheck that we make. There's a reason why we do so good at a wedding, it's because it's a lot of work and not hiding in the shadows. 

     A good wedding photographer will be remembered for his images and his great personality during the wedding, everyone's going to tell the bride and groom how much they loved their experience with you too.